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Product Information

Why Choose OneTigris The BOLT Dog Leash?

Long and short leashes offer very different dog walking experiences. While long ones give the dog more freedom to explore and make friends, short leashes offer more control for the owner/walker/trainer, and are ideal for dogs that like to pull on lead, or are less predictable around people and other dogs.

This 1ft leash is designed to teach your pup to heel, keeping him/her at your side instead of in front of or behind you. This function comes in handy when you’re in crowded areas or on the sidewalk when there are others, and can be integral to leash training in the long run.

The 1” wide nylon strap uses light reflective threading for heightened safety in low light conditions and during nighttime walks, and its zinc alloy metal clip is strength tested for use for medium to large dogs.

OneTigris The BOLT Dog Leash

  • STRENGTH & SAFETY - Extra thick 1” wide nylon strap that’s strong and doesn’t easily stain, with light reflective threading for nighttime walks 
  • TRAIN TO HEEL - 1ft in length with a padded grab handle for training to heel, to not pull, and to offer better canine control if your dog suddenly lunges forward
  • 1TG METAL CLIP - Specially designed “tigris jaw metal clip”, 771lb/350kg strength tested zinc alloy construction with a black matte finish, ideal for use for medium to large dogs
  • NO-PULL CANINE LEAD - Ideal for use in crowded places, social distancing scenarios, no-pull training sessions, and everyday use for less predictable dogs such as those that snap at other people/pets
  • 360° SWIVEL CLIP - No-tangle design that offers better control and reduces strain on your hand or arm


1.  Please take measurements before placing an order!

2.  Keep gear out of reach of your dog when not in use. OneTigris canine gear is scratch-resistant, not scratch-proof or chew-proof.


  • Materials: Nylon Webbing, Zinc Alloy Leash Clip
  • Leash Length: 1ft/30cm
  • Leash Width: 1”/2.5cm
  • Leash Weight: 3.5oz/100g
  • Metal Clip Pull Strength: 771lb/350kg

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