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From the Big Apple to the City of Angels: Exclusive Pet Brands from Across the USA and Seoul

As the exclusive global distributor for three exceptional pet brands hailing from New York City, Seoul, and California, we bring you unparalleled quality and innovation. Explore their offerings alongside three additional global favorites, all curated to enrich the lives of pets everywhere.


wagwear: Where Canine Chic Meets Practical Elegance

TANK TINKER is thrilled to be the exclusive distributor of wagwear in Thailand, a brand that epitomizes the fusion of high fashion and practical functionality for our cherished canine friends.

A Journey of Innovation and Style

wagwear's journey began in 1996, when founder Amy Harlow, armed with her fashion education and experience as a former model, sought to fill a void in the canine fashion industry. Her inspiration came from her own Shiba Inus, Lucy and Tonto, leading to the establishment of wagwear in 1998. From its inception, wagwear has stood as a beacon of "puppy chic", combining the latest trends and colors with indispensable functionality.

Distinctive Features and Inspirations

wagwear's uniqueness lies in its attention to detail and the use of robust materials like oil cloth, canvas, and climbing rope. Reflective tape in leashes and coats, along with designs inspired by the charm of Cape Cod beaches and the stylish streets of Soho, offer a harmonious blend of classic and contemporary aesthetics.

A Landmark in Greenwich Village

2006 marked a significant milestone with the opening of the first wagwear flagship store in Greenwich Village. This store became a central hub for the wagwear lifestyle, perfectly reflecting the brand's values and aesthetics.

Creative Evolution in Woodstock

The brand's narrative further evolved when Amy relocated to Woodstock, NY, in 2017, coinciding with the arrival of new furry family members, Edison the Goldendoodle and Daisy the Mini-Labradoodle. This move injected a fresh artistic spirit into wagwear’s offerings.

Innovative Milestone: WagWellies Mojave

In 2021, wagwear introduced its groundbreaking WagWellies Mojave, an elegant and functional solution to protect dogs from harsh summer conditions. These boots quickly gained fame, adorning celebrity dogs and becoming an internet sensation.

More Than a Brand: A Lifestyle

At wagwear, it's not just about creating products; it's about embracing a lifestyle that understands the deep bond between humans and their pets. With a commitment to style and practicality, wagwear ensures every canine companion is well-equipped for every adventure.

Your Exclusive Gateway to wagwear in Thailand

As the exclusive representative of wagwear in Thailand, TANK TINKER invites you to explore this unique blend of fashion and functionality. Join us in celebrating a brand that perfectly balances chic design with canine comfort and practicality.


Roika: Enhancing Pet Lives with Sustainable Innovation

Recently launched at Mega Zoo, the largest pet fair in South Korea in mid-November 2023, Roika is dedicated to designing products that significantly enhance the lives of pets. We acknowledge the profound impact that our products have on the health and happiness of your dogs. Our approach is centered on ensuring a positive experience for your pet, whether they're using, wearing, or consuming our offerings.

In our design process, we engage in close collaboration with a diverse array of industry partners to develop the finest products. We carefully assess each product's functionality, sustainability, and various other attributes, with the aim of selecting the most advantageous options from a vast array.

Our primary mission at Roika is to deliver premium products that improve the lives of both pets and their owners, a commitment that reflects our dedication to quality, innovation, and sustainability.

Natural Rubber Product

Our selection of natural rubber as a material brings three key advantages. Durability is at the forefront of our design philosophy, ensuring that our toys can endure vigorous play and offer longevity. We prioritize your pet's safety; the non-toxic nature of natural rubber guarantees a product free from harmful substances. Beyond the unique design and positive experience provided by Roika's products, their eco-friendly composition also contributes to environmental sustainability.

TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) Product

Embracing environmental stewardship and innovation, Roika has chosen TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) for its remarkable properties. TPU is characterized by its durability, flexibility, and lightness, which not only extends the product's lifespan but also withstands the strong grip of pets. Its lightweight nature ensures minimal noise, making it ideal for indoor use. This choice underscores our commitment to creating products that are as environmentally responsible as they are innovative and functional.

Roika at TANK TINKER: A Commitment to Excellence

As the exclusive distributor of Roika, TANK TINKER invites you to experience the blend of style, durability, and ethical production that sets Roika apart in the pet care industry. Join us in embracing a brand that is as environmentally responsible as it is innovative and functional, ensuring the best for your pets.


KiloNiner: Uniting Military Precision with Canine Companionship

As the exclusive distributor of KiloNiner, TANK TINKER is proud to bring to you a brand that embodies a deep respect and love for our canine companions, infused with over 15 years of expertise in crafting gear for modern warriors.

Expertise Born on the Frontlines

The heart of KiloNiner lies in its team – seasoned professionals who have pledged their careers to support and protect their communities. Their extensive experience in material selection, manufacturing techniques, and innovative design has been honed through close collaborations with some of today's most elite fighting units. This hard-earned knowledge and frontline feedback are now channeled into creating exceptional products for the most loyal member of your family: your dog.

More Than Pets, They're Family

At KiloNiner, dogs are seen as more than pets – they're integral family members who offer unconditional love and unwavering support through thick and thin. This philosophy drives KiloNiner to ensure that our furry friends receive gear that meets the highest standards of quality and durability.

American-Made, Military-Inspired

Most KiloNiner products are proudly designed and manufactured in the United States, adhering to MilSpec standards – a testament to their military heritage. Their goal is to blend fun and functionality, meeting and exceeding the expectations set by those accustomed to quality, hard-use gear.

A Milestone for KiloNiner in Thailand

Marking a significant milestone, KiloNiner was introduced in Thailand by TANK TINKER in 2022, expanding its global footprint. As their exclusive distributor, TANK TINKER is thrilled to bring KiloNiner's passion and craftsmanship to a wider audience, celebrating the bond between humans and their four-legged friends.